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★ Hitflesh is horror single-player videogame fiction about our experiences of online gaming communities. Discover the strange secrets that have been buried for decades in this obscure MMORPG  (by @VirtualArchaeologist)

★ Content Warning: The Teaser Demo and the game contains MATURE LANGUAGE, REFERENCES TO SEXUAL VIOLENCE, REFERENCES TO VIOLENT BEHAVIOR (bullying, harassment, physical violence) and REFERENCES TO MASCULINISTS VIOLENCES 

★ As individuals and game developers we're unconditionally opposed to heteropatriarcal violences and alt-right ideologies -- We believe videogame and other form of fiction are necessary to explore cultural and political imaginaries and can participate in the dismantling of naturalized toxic behaviors and structures 

★ Join us in this  w̛̻̠̻̜͂̇̀o̹̜̠͚͙̙̪͊͐̎̚͟ń̮̗͔̣͌̕d̴̳̻̼̖̫̠̾̄̈e͒̔͏͚̲̣r̛̭̱̯͖̦̋̒͒̐f̡̪̹̣ͯ̍̂u̱̻͙͇͓̯͑͠l̢͍̝̟ͨ̇ͅ   virtual world! ★

★ Hitflesh! is a single-player narrative game about a weird and old MMORPG which was put back online. Explore and discover the uncanny legend that this game has inside.

★ Narrative Driven - Walk through a history about violent broken masculinities in online communities 

★ MMORPG Atmosphere - Dive into the grotesque worlds of abandoned MMOs 

★ MATURE Content - Please be aware that Hitflesh! contains difficult content -- Check carefully content warning in introduction

Hitflesh has a friendly and welcoming community

Create your own virtual corpse for your exclusive use!

Customize your interface. Be the most comfortable in your new world.

Platforms: Windows

StatusIn development
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(5 total ratings)
AuthorVirtual Archaeologist
TagsHorror, MMORPG, Narrative, PSX (PlayStation), Retro


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Hey there ! Still on hiatus ?


Heya can we get an update on the development ?

Hey, regrettably we are unable to pursue the development of the game due to time constraints and money. For the moment, Hitflesh is on a long hiatus and we will continue with smaller games in terms of time and resources


I don't know if you meant for it to happen, But I enjoyed that I could select both 'man' and 'woman' and play a slightly glitched playermodel
Also fun to have that option, Intentional or not and if it was meant or not, As someone who is nonbinary
Enjoy the atmosphere and style a lot so far!


Hey, thanks for your comment! Yes, that was intentional choice
Very happy to hear that your enjoying the demo 😀


I've been waiting for this game for a long while now,
I'm happy to contribute to this development of the game.
Lets play the DEMO!


Interesting game, but idk if the moviment controls are purposedly bugged or it was a failure in the game. Despite that, it's an interesting game. Can't wait to play that in full. Congrats.

Hello thanks for your comment -- No, it seems that with have failed to correctly schemed AZERTY and QWERTY controls, we're gonna investigate that -- Your kindness is very welcome, glad you enjoyed the game despite its bugginess!


Found out about this yesterday.  Excited for the demo!


Aîe aïe aïe, I going to post that the teaser demo is cancelled. We will make a richer and more complete demo for next year

Ooof, well hope it comes out well.

I'm excited, sounds like a wonderful concept.

Looks rad. Excited to to check this one out ... again ... for the first time!

This looks awesome!

I'm excited to see more of this.